What is a Road Line Plan & How It Affects Your Property


What is a Road Line Plan & How It Affects Your Property
sevensgroupJanuary 06, 2023

It is not uncommon for many potential purchasers of landed homes to have particular personal preferences when sourcing for a landed property. Some personal preferences include the location, facade design, facing, noise level, long driveways and elevated terrain.

Beyond these outward characteristics, however, there is a crucial inspection that buyer’s of landed property have to be responsible to check but is sometimes overlooked (when making hasty decisions in the moment of excitement)  This crucial inspection is for the RLP, or Road Line Plan.

This article will impart helpful information about the Road Line Plan (RLP) and its related topics, such as the Line of Road Reserve, the Land Required for Road Reserve, the Road Buffer, and the respective Setbacks.

The Road Line Plan outline can easily be purchased online and it indicates if the landed property they are considering to purchase may be subjected to future infrastructural development.

What is a Road Line Plan & How It Affects Your Property

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What is the Road Line Plan (RLP)?

The Road Line Plan uses cadastral data from the Singapore Land Authority’s Land Survey Division to visually display information on road safety (SLA). The information displayed on the RLP includes: 

  • Lines of Road Reserve 
  • Land required as Road Reserve 
  • Cadastral information
  • Road names and road categories 

What is the Road Line Plan (RLP)

Source: LTA

What are Lines of Road Reserve?

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) protects land as a road reserve so that it may be used to build new roadways or upgrade existing ones.

Road Reserve Lines are lines that depict the size of the future-safeguarded roadways.

Who may be impacted by road reserves?

Owners of landed ed properties being immediately adjacent to the Road Reserve Line are affected by road reserves.

In either of the following scenarios, the properties that road reserve lines overlap will be impacted:

  • If the homeowner has no plans to expand or renovate his property. The homeowner need not take any instant intervention if he does not develop or redevelop his lot of land. The government will procure the land plot when it decides to construct or redevelop the road(s). Any property protrusions into the road reserve will need to be adjusted by the homeowner. 
  • If the homeowner plans to expand or renovate his property. Any property protrusions into the road reserve will need to be surrendered back to the state upon redevelopment of the property by the homeowner. If the property is being acquired by a developer, they can also factor in the area of affected land in their calculations for the proposed development(s). Potential buyers who purchase these units from Developers need not worry of further road reserves as the land has been made free of them.

How do I know if my estate is impacted by road reserves?

To find out if the property is impacted by the road reserve, you can acquire a Road Line Plan from LTA through the Integrated Land Information Services (INLIS) website run by the SLA. The road reserve is displayed in red on the Road Line Plan. Payment options include credit/debit cards and Interbank GIRO.

To learn the precise areas and measurements of the land needed as a road reserve, you may engage a licensed certified surveyor. The surveyor can also examine the condition of any structures on the property and determine whether any construction activities are interfering with the road reserve.

Houses along busy streets such as Sixth Avenue, Mountbatten Road, East Coast Road, Upper Aljunied Road and Holland Road have a higher tendency to be affected by the RLP. The RLP has also been seen even in cases when the property is not on a busy road. Therefore it is always the responsibility and due diligence for a purchaser to have this checked and confirmed to be safe. Never assume as it may be detrimental down the road. 

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