What is a Semi-detached House in Singapore?


What is a Semi-detached House in Singapore?
sevensgroupOctober 12, 2022

What is a Semi-detached House in Singapore?

Semi-detached houses are two houses built next to each other or back to back and joined by a common wall. This wall, often known as the party wall, serves as the major barrier between the two dwellings. A semi-detached house in Singapore is commonly referred to as a “semi-d”. Semi-detached houses need to adhere to a minimum setback requirement of 2 metres from the boundary wall. The setback distance of the front car porch will depend on the road category that the site is facing. 

What distinguishes a detached from a semi-detached house in Singapore?

What distinguishes a detached home from a semi-detached home?

The main differentiation between the two qualities is frequently determined by their construction and charting. A detached house is frequently constructed as a separate structure on its own plot of land. However, semi-detached houses are ones that are constructed adjacent to one another and are linked by a shared party wall.

What is the minimum frontage and land size to be classified as a semi-detached house in Singapore?

For a semi-detached to be constructed, the land has to have a minimum plot width of 8 metres and a plot size of 200 square metres. For back to back semi-detached homes where the party wall is shared at the back instead of the side, the minimum plot width is 10 metres. There is no change on the minimum land size for a back to back semi-detached home.

Where can semi-detached houses be built in Singapore?

Semi-detached houses may be built in either areas designated for semi-detached housing, mixed landed housing or white sites. Of course, there must be sufficient area to meet the requisite minimum plot size and plot width.

A semi-detached house shall adhere to the applicable storey height, envelope control guidelines and building setback requirements. These requirements are set out by the envelope control guidelines by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). The build-up areas of semi-detached homes may vary depending on the site’s envelope control, land size and plot width.

Redevelopment of or into a semi-detached house in Singapore

There are certain considerations when redeveloping a current site into a semi-detached house. For example, an existing corner terrace house may be redeveloped into a pair of semi – detached houses, if after subdivision, each house is able to comply with the minimum plot width and size. and provided the adjoining terrace plot has a width and size of 8 metres and 200 square metres respectively. 

Terraced houses can be redeveloped into a pair of semi-detached houses. Of course, the plot size and width must be sufficient to allow the change. The adjacent affected unit that the current terrace is detaching from, must meet the requirement of being redeveloped into a corner terrace in the future.

What is the plot width for semi-detached houses that sit on an irregular plot of land?

For semi-detached plots that sit on irregular land shape within existing landed housing estates, the Urban Redevelopment Authority does take into consideration the slight deficiency in the required plot width for semi-detached housing provided the average width of the site remains at least 8 metres. Additionally, the absolute minimum plot width at its narrowest shall be 4 metres.

Lastly, the plot shall fully comply with the minimum plot size control and all other development control guidelines.

Should the deficiency in plot width be granted, it shall only be restricted to one plot per development and it will only apply to the residual plot. This means that all other existing plots within the same development shall comply fully with the minimum plot width of 8 metres.

What are the average prices of a semi-detached house in Singapore?

The prices of semi-detached homes may vary depending on:

  • Location
  • District
  • Age of property
  • Tenure

Due to the proximity to amenities, renowned schools, transportation nodes, semi – detached homes located in prime districts such as 9, 10, 11 (Newton, Orchard, Bukit Timah, Novena), 15 (East Coast), 21 (Upper Bukit Timah) will definitely command a higher premium as those found in districts 17 (Loyang), 18 (Pasir Ris), 19 (Serangoon Gardens & Kovan), 20 (Thomson), 26 (Upper Thomson), 27 (Yishun) and 28 (Seletar). For example, a brand new semi – detached in Orchard Road may be priced upwards of $4,000 per square foot just on the land size whereas a brand new semi – detached in the Upper Thomson area may hover around $2,200 per square foot just on the land size. In addition, the age and tenure of the semi – detached also plays a huge significance on the price. 

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