Luxury Homes: Residing in Singapore’s Finest


Luxury Homes: Residing in Singapore’s Finest
sevensgroupNovember 17, 2020

According to Mercer, Singapore has certified the city with the highest quality of living and the safest city in Asia in 2019. It is no wonder Singapore’s population has grown steadily over the years as more migrants flow in to relish in this little island. You will be able to find amazing gems for all demographics within the multiple districts found in Singapore. From humble homes to luxury homes, Singapore has it all! So here are the top 5 most desirable neighborhoods in Singapore!

Luxury Homes: Bukit Timah (District 10)

This district has been stereotyped to be home to huge Good Class Bungalows (GCBs). And it is true! District 10 is full of luxury homes. It has long been regarded as the crème de la crème of districts, desired by locals. However, Bukit Timah also has other types of housing available too! They range from gated communities to landed properties and condominiums. They are surrounded by lush greenery that laden the streets.

With Botanic Gardens and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve as your neighbor, those who are fond of flora and fauna will definitely thrive. Alternatively, for the sophisticated urbanites, Orchard Road is only minutes away. Being centrally located, Bukit Timah offers accessibility to the rest of the island. Additionally, it is also located near some of the top schools in Singapore which definitely doesn’t hurt!

When the sun sets, the shops continue to be vibrant, offering many choices of cuisines to satisfy your tastebuds. With beautiful houses and all these amenities just around the corner, Bukit Timah continues to be the pinnacle of bespoke living.

Orchard Road (District 9)

Many know Orchard Road as a shopping district, but did you know there are residences there as well? Surrounded by huge shopping malls and renowned hotel chains, district 9 offers you the convenience of shopping anytime you want. 

Condominiums and apartments overlook this district, giving residents an opportunity to indulge in luxury living over the rest of the island. This level of luxury however also comes with a hefty price tag. Especiall so if it’s located in the Core Central Region! For example, a ‘super penthouse’ was valued and sold a little over a reported S$60 million in August 2017. This penthouse belonged to the Sculptura Ardmore complex and took the top two floors of a block with 36-storeys. 

Expectedly, the houses in the peripheral region are expensive as well with prices north of S$30 million. Regardless, you can be sure that a home here would promise you the epitome of luxury living.

Tiong Bahru (District 3)

Tiong Bahru is one of the pioneers of residential real estate in Singapore, with a unique structure. The residential blocks form the shape of a horseshoe with the middle of it being the community center.

Homes here are more humble for those who want to stay away from the glitz and glam that the previous districts offer. But not to fret, luxury homes can be found here too! The apartments found in Tiong Bahru are rich in history and decorated in a tasteful Art Deco style. However, don’t be fooled by its exterior! Many homes here have been converted into contemporary masterpieces. The district also has a serene environment, suitable for those who long for an escape from city life.

Moreover, Tiong Bahru offers a multitude of modern cafes. The district is home to many boutiques and eateries, as well as a bustling market. This means that there will be many choices for you to satisfy your cravings! Additionally, it is also easily accessible by public transport, making it an area of choice for many families in Singapore.

East Coast (Districts 15 and 16)

Away from all the scurry in the city center, the East Coast offers beautiful sea views and a wide variety of activities and dining options. Maybe that’s the “East Coast Plan” Mr. Heng Swee Keat was talking about. 

Cycle, rollerblade, windsurf, and more to your heart’s content along East Coast Park. Or perhaps you’d prefer a good round of golf at one of the many golf courses found in this district? Laguna Golf Course, Tanah Merah Country Club (TMCC), and National Service Resorts and Country Club (NSRCC) offer a wide range (pun intended) of golfing for golfers of all ages and levels of expertise. But be sure to not hit your golf balls too high and hit the oncoming planes from the nearby Changi International Airport! From young to old, the East Coast definitely isn’t short of fun activities to do over the weekend.

The East Coast is quickly becoming a popular spot for both expatriates and locals. It could be due to the new Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Changi Business Park right at the edge of the district. Or maybe because there is also a plethora of schools in the area such as  Temasek Junior College, and Victoria School. Anyway, whatever the reason is, Districts 15 and 16 are definitely the place to live.

Woodlands (District 25)

Woodlands, a neighborhood in Northern Singapore, is easily one of the biggest districts in Singapore. Though it has a wide variety of key amenities close to hand, it is a commute to the CBD (approximately 30 minutes drive). Additionally, it is still an amazing area to raise a family. 

Despite its distance from the CBD, Woodlands still has its fair share of luxury homes! Large houses with plenty of green space are common in this area, a rare find in a small city-state like Singapore. In fact, it is no doubt one of the fastest-growing areas in Singapore! It has come a long way from its rural background, home to rubber plantations, and farms.

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