Home Designs with Unique Features


Home Designs with Unique Features
sevensgroupOctober 23, 2020

From Scandinavian to eclectic, industrial to minimalist, there is an array of choices when it comes to home designs today. However, homeowners often play it safe and choose relatively similar designs to other houses that they were enchanted by when it comes to décor features. 

Scroll down to see the astoundingly unique features that can turn your dream home into everyone’s dream home. If you’re planning on having a distinct and one of a kind home with no cookie-cutter home decor, you’ll know what to avoid!


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Basements and attics can be daunting places to design. Cluttered, dark, and chilly, these areas often don’t get the attention that the other rooms are getting. Basements and attics have been typically used as storage spaces that get dusty over time but they don’t have to stay that way! These rooms can be designed and finished so that they not only become a part of your home but become a feature that your guests can marvel at!

Home Designs – Special Home Cinema

home designs-setup basement theatre

Basements are already dark so why not lean into it? Simply throw in a couple of bean bags and loveseats, couple it with a projector and screen duo, and you have your own personal cinema right in the comfort of your own home! A home cinema would be perfect to watch home videos during the holidays, your kids’ favorite movies, your favorite K-Drama so you can sob to yourself with no distractions, and more. The possibilities are endless! You could also do it in your attic with some blackout curtains. Or you could do without the curtains and have a skylight to enjoy your movie under the stars. Either way, a home cinema would be a perfect addition to your humble abode.

Work(out) From Home

Gyms are popping up left and right around Singapore – in malls, community centers, and more. So why not have one in your own home? Be it in your basement or your attic, a gym would definitely keep you motivated to stay healthy and fit. You could incorporate workout days in your own home with your family as a way to bond together! It would be the envy of many as your gym makes your home fit (literally!) and functional.

Space-cious Home Designs

They say space is a magical place with bountiful possibilities and unknowns. Dream big, they say. So bring the vast space to your home by turning your attic into a planetarium! Bonus: have a skylight and open it up. Watch eclipses and stargaze with your loved ones right in the comfort of your own home. Who says the Science Center gets to be the only planetarium in Singapore?


home designs-double volume ceiling

Often coupled with large windows, double volume ceilings allow you to have lovely bright interiors as natural light floods the home. This feature not only gives your home an expansive look, but it also adds to the elegance in the home and allows you to save on the electricity as you don’t have to leave the light on in the day! Such sustainable living practices are getting increasingly popular as Green is the New Black. Double volume ceilings are pretty uniform in most modern home designs today, but here are some ways you can make yours one of a kind. 

Home Turned Museum 

With high ceilings comes high walls, which in turn lead to large amounts of blank spaces. Artworks can be displayed on these walls, turning your home into your own personal Louvre. Whatever the theme of your house, there is always an art piece around the corner to fit in. Large hanging art is a beautiful way to draw the eyes of guests upward as they marvel at its sophistication. On the other hand, smaller pieces of art are suitable to help break the space between the living area and the upper flow. You can even mix the smaller pieces of art with photos of loved ones for a homier feel!

Eyes on the Wall

Additionally, feature walls can also be added to beautify the place. It is able to accentuate the space in a way that reflects your personality. A feature wall from floor to ceiling is capable of bringing together two parts of the room. A feature wall ranges from a simple paint coating to add contrast to the room to more extravagant designs such as a brick wall or even a water feature! Either way, a feature wall is never a bad idea.

False Lows

There are also options for those who may not see the appeal of excessively high ceilings. For some, they may find the cathedral-like ceiling as a cause for vertigo, and would rather a lower ceiling. Installing a trellis is a unique way to give the illusion that the ceiling is lower than it actually is. The thin beams can break up a high ceiling run, but the gaps in between still allow the high ceiling to peak through. Another option would be to install hanging beams made of wood. These large chunks of wood visually block off any remaining ceiling space on top of it to make the ceiling look lower than it really is. 

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